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Preparing for your visit

Preparing for Surgery

  • We need your dental / medical insurance information to maximize your benefits

  • Our staff will ask questions about your health to determine which Medical Clearances, if any, may be required from your PCP or a specialist

  • Our specialized dentists will review your x-rays and treatment plans, if available

  • Our Anesthesiologist will approve Medical Clearance, if needed

  • If you are a legal guardian of an adult patient or if you are not the biological parent of a minor child, please bring documentation of your guardianship.  If you are not a legal guardian, please bring a notarized and witnessed medical Power of Attorney form with you. 

  • Contact our office with any questions!

What to expect

  • Patient needs to come fasting (no eating or drinking the morning of surgery)

  • Plan to spend the day with us. After surgery, a parent or guardian should plan to spend the day watching and caring for the patient

  • Nurses will assess the patient and ask questions about the patient’s health

  • Our Anesthesiologist and Dentist will do exams and answer any questions

  • We will take x-rays in case your home dentist could not get them

  • Our experienced Registered Nurses will monitor the patient during post-anesthesia recovery

  • We will complete all of the patients’ dental work during a single visit!

At home

  • Monitor patient for at least 24 hours

  • Call Dental Surgery Center of DC with any unusual symptoms experienced by patient

  • Do not administer medication to patient without practitioner approval

  • Dental Surgery Center of DC will call to check patient status on the next working day following the procedure 


Our Address

Administrative Hours: Weekdays, 9am - 5pm 

Closed on Sunday

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