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Why should I take my child to a pediatric dentist?

There are a number of reasons your child could benefit from seeing a pediatric dentist! A pediatric dentist can help your child to have a healthy mouth and a good experience!

Children’s Oral Health:

Our mouths are so important and we need to take care of them! Even though your child will eventually lose the teeth they have right now it is still important to make sure they have a healthy mouth. Oral (mouth) health starts when your child is very young and will affect them for their whole lives.

When a child has tooth decay it means there are harmful bacteria in their mouths that make their teeth decay. A pediatric dentist can recognize signs of tooth decay, help to fix it, and then give you and your child tools to prevent future tooth decay! This will save your child from future pain and dentist visits, and will save you money in the long run!

Oral Hygiene Habits:

One way the dentist will help your child prevent this tooth decay is by helping them develop good oral hygiene habits. What is Oral Hygiene? Well, oral hygiene is the process of keeping our mouths clean.

The bacteria that cause tooth decay don’t like to eat our teeth. No, they are after something much better, sugar! We prevent tooth decay when we clean our mouths by brushing our teeth twice a day (right after we wake up and right before bed), flossing (once a day), and reducing the amount of time sugar and other foods are in our mouths.

With your help, the dentist can help your child develop these essential habits.

Why shouldn’t I just take my child to my general dentist?:

It may seem silly to take your child to a different dentist but there is a very good reason why you should! A pediatric dentist specializes in the oral care of children and teens. In fact, pediatric dentists do two extra years of training to know how to serve children. Our mouths go through the most change and growth during these years and a pediatric dentist knows how to help your child to care for their mouth.

Meant for Kids

Another reason to consider a pediatric dentist’s office for your child is that these offices are made just for kids.

In an adult office, they have tools, chairs, and machinery all meant for adults and all adult-sized. At a pediatric office, this is not the case! Instead, there is special equipment meant just for kids! Your child will be more comfortable!

The environment is kid-centered too! Pediatric offices like ours often have fun activities for kids to do while they wait! In our office, there are children’s books to read and toys to play with! Not to mention incredible staff, nurses, and dentists that are trained to work with kids and have the experience to help your child to have a positive experience!

Our Office:

For patients who can’t be treated in a typical dental office and need to be put to sleep to get their dental work done, we can help! At Capital Children’s General Anesthesia Dentistry we do our very best to make your child’s visit fun and stress-free! Patients at Capital Children’s are put completely to sleep with sleep medicine (“general anesthesia”) so our dentists can take care of their work. If your child is anxious, has special needs, or needs sedation, we are here for you!

We have shorter wait times than local hospitals—counted in weeks instead of months. Our staff members work well with children, and our office is child-friendly. If you live in Virginia, Washington DC, or Maryland and you or your child needs work done under general anesthesia call us to schedule an appointment at (301)-494-3000

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