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Why General Anesthesia for Patients with Special Needs?

Individuals with special needs often have increased anxiety that can be triggered by changes in their environment, overstimulation, and new, uncomfortable situations.

One mother of a special needs child explained how simple tasks, like going to the dentist, can easily become very stressful for her child. “Anytime my child has an earache, a toothache, needs a nose swab, has to get his blood drawn, or has to have his blood pressure checked, it takes at least 3 people to hold him down (often unsuccessfully). Someone usually gets bitten or kicked or head-butted”

General Anesthesia relieves some of the stress, helping these special children and adults to have a better experience getting needed care.

What is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a mixture of medicines given through inhaled gasses and IV drip that put a patient into a sleep-like state during a procedure. The patient is fully unconscious, feels no pain, and feels no stress. This is very helpful for children and adults with special needs who may not fully understand or know how to handle a new situation. It can also help patients maintain a healthy, positive relationship with their dentist.

Is General Anesthesia Safe?

Although very safe there are some side effects associated with this kind of anesthesia. Some effects post-operation can include nausea and disorientation, which is why patients need to be monitored for the first 24 hours after receiving anesthesia.

Common side effects, although uncomfortable, are nothing to worry about.

The risks of general anesthesia are very low. Some patients with comorbidities or a history of reactions to anesthesia may need additional monitoring for their safety. Be sure to tell your doctor about all of your conditions so they can give you the best care possible!

What we do!

At Capital Children’s General Anesthesia Dentistry, we are here for you and your family's dental needs. In our dedicated ambulatory surgery center (similar to a mini-hospital that is dedicated exclusively to treating dental patients), we use general anesthesia for those who need help getting through their dental procedures.

We want to make you and your special child's experience positive and ensure that they wake up smiling, without worry. Instead, our anesthesia-based services allow your child to receive excellent care, without stress, at an affordable cost.

If you or your special child need dental treatment under general anesthesia in Virginia, Washington DC, or Maryland, contact Capital Children’s General Anesthesia Dentistry at (301) 494-3000 to learn more! Be sure to tell our staff why you’re looking for general anesthesia, and we can help get an appointment scheduled!

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